“Intersections”: New Street Art Project Celebrates Femininity, Diversity, and Empowerment

October 5, 2023

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October 5, 2023

Columbus, OH — On Wednesday, in the heart of Columbus, an art movement came to life,
transforming our urban landscape overnight. In a passionate collaboration between Catalyst
Columbus and The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, artists, visionaries, activists, and
community enthusiasts embarked on a powerful mission to ignite conversations about
femininity, diversity, and empowerment through the vibrant medium of street art.

This visionary project, titled “Intersections,” revolves around the theme “what does femininity
mean to you?” Ten exceptionally talented artists were commissioned to channel their
creativity into unique artworks, each offering a personal interpretation of femininity. These
compelling narratives were then reproduced into over 250 posters, enlivening our city’s
visual tapestry.

During the remarkable overnight transformation, the dedicated collective descended upon
downtown Columbus and neighboring areas , embellishing urban canvases from Franklinton
to the Brewery District, Downtown to Olde Towne East. Armed with organic and
environmentally friendly “wheat paste,” these artists brought the posters to life, seamlessly
weaving them into the fabric of our city.

Intersections beckons commuters and passersby to seek out these vibrant artworks,
encouraging them to pause, reflect, and engage in a fresh exploration of femininity. This
collaborative project is designed to spark conversations, challenge perceptions, and
celebrate the multifaceted nature of what it means to be feminine.

“Public art has the power to transcend boundaries and provoke dialogue,” said Mandi
Caskey, co-founder of Catalyst Columbus. “The Intersections project is an open invitation to
all artists to start making statements that lead important conversations in our community.”

“The Women’s Fund is proud to support this team of diverse artists in pushing for a new
conversation around what it means to be feminine in Central Ohio, said Kelley Griesmer,
President and CEO of The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio. “To make progress for women,
we must let go of harmful norms and stereotypes. Intersections offers new perspectives
that encourage us to change how we think about femininity, women, and gender.”