Announcing $100,000 in grants to organizations led by and for women of color

December 6, 2023

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At The Women’s Fund, we believe in trust-based philanthropy. And that means unrestricted investments in the leadership and vision of women, especially women of color. We’re thrilled to announce the next round of investments from the Enduring Progress Initiative (EPI), our program designed to tackle the funding gaps that women of color uniquely face. Each of the following organizations will receive $50,000 to support their leadership and capacity building.

The Women’s Center for Economic Opportunity, led by Keena Smith

The Women’s Center for Economic Opportunity equips, elevates, and empowers African American women and other women of color. They provide access to knowledge and resources for women of color to create generational wealth and a legacy of economic impact while staying well. Through their programming, they are advancing economic equity, inclusion, and justice for women of color. Learn more at

Femergy, led by Maylin Sambois and Christina Vera

For the past ten years, Femergy® has provided girls and women with skills to overcome gender barriers in public and private spheres. They recently opened The Femergy® Restorative Center in downtown Columbus to expand their work in providing holistic programming in the areas of education, leadership, health, and wellness. The new facility is also available for community use! To learn more or schedule a tour, please visit

Why EPI is more than just a grant

When we invite partners to pitch for EPI funding, we want them to have their best shot at success.

That’s why we partnered with Drew Alexander Consulting to provide this round of EPI applicants with training, resources, and dedicated coaching to make their pitch the best it can be. We helped them build and strengthen their skills to support their success in our process and, importantly, their success when pitching to other funders as they continue to grow.